RECEPY FOR 13th note women dessert by René Bergès


Ingredients for 10 persons

500gr of mascarpone
10 tablespoons of icing sugar and superfine sugar
10 white peaches
150gr of frech raspberries
½ fresh pineapple
15 pink biscuits of Reims
100gr of feuillantine (filo dough)
Some local honey
100gr of butter

For the plant infusions: camomile, sage, rose, jasmine

Make a crumble with 500gr of softened butter, 50gr of icing sugar, 50gr of flour, 75gr of hazelnut powder.
Mix the flour, the icing sugar and the almond powder. Add the softened butter and knead the dough. Put the dough on a plate and let it dry in the kitchen for a day. Bake it in the oven at 160°C for about 10 minutes. Your crumble must be slightly colored. Let it cool down.

For the decorations: cristalised mimosa and violet flowers, violet syrup

Prepare your infusions. Make a syrup with ½l of water and 10 tablespoons of sugar. Boil the mixture and put the syrup in jars where you also put the infusions of rose, sage, camomile and jasmine. Close the jars and put them in a cool place for a week.

Put the peaches in boiling water to peel them and then cut them in quarters. Sauté the peaches in a pan with butter and some honey and remove the pan from the stove once done.

Cut the pineapple in small cubes and fry it with butter and honey. Once the pineapple is cooked add the strawberries to warm them up slightly then remove the pan from the stove and let it cool down.

Divide the mascarpone in 4 (125grx4), beat it with 10cl of the syrup of camomile infusion, then repeat it for the rose, the jasmine and the sage infusions.

Take 10 glasses: at the bottom of the glass put a spoon of the mixture of raspberries and pineapple, followed by a layer of feuillantine, then the mascarpone, pink biscuits from Reims, mascarpone again, peaches, mascarpone covered with violet syrup, crumble, mimosa and violet petals.

You can use more concentrated syrup to flavour the mascarpone if you want to.